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Different Personalities of Craps Players

Date Added: March 06, 2009 09:13:39 AM
Author: James Hanks
Category: Recreations: Games
Craps players have certain kinds of personality. The crowd surrounding craps tables share have varieties of traits that are common to each other. In reality, not all players of Craps have the qualities of James Bond and the women around him with low cut dresses. Not all players are suave, tossing dice while holding martini on the other hand. Here are the different personalities of craps players. Superstitious Many believe in different rituals strange and mystical things about the equipments involved on the game like the dice, table, dealers and even the players. Some wait for the dice to fly off the table because they believe that once it happens, the next roll will more likely be a 7. They even have superstition on the way of shooting the dice. Although most casinos forbid these acts, some players will blow the dice on a certain technique or rattle the dice with both hands. Keep in mind the rules of the casino because if caught, you will be banned from playing. You can easily compare craps players with the slot machine advocates. For instance, the latter claim that they can predict a jackpot just by observing how the lights of the machine blink. Well-Versed As time goes by, craps developed its own set of vocabulary together with a distinguishing air of mystery and appeal. The reason behind this is that the players can participate fully. Every player can shoot the dice and it brings them excitement. Reserved There are also those who live by the book. They follow every rule perfectly. You will often find them hopelessly standing beside the table, trying to hide their emotion. They don't show any enthusiasm about the game. It seems like they are not having fun at all. Sophisticated Craps players believe that they are sophisticated. It is like a man on a bar commenting on another guy drinking light beer, emphasizing on what he is missing by not drinking a dark beer. In the world of craps, there would be another man involved. This time he would comment on the man drinking dark beer comparing it to the taste and quality of his wine. The same analogy goes to craps. Loud The patrons of craps want their environment to be very quiet. They often get irritated when another crowd is making noise. However, when craps players win and almost all the players are making money, they are the loudest in the whole casino. Loners Even though you see craps players being supportive to each other on TV, in reality, it is the complete opposite. The players are generally loners. In fact, if you need to ask something, you should ask the dealer and not the other players. Remember to tip the dealer if you keep on asking him questions. A true craps players will place a bet on the dealer. They are very careful that they follow the standard behavior of craps players, otherwise, they would be strongly criticized by another player. The crowd around the craps players are fun-loving individuals. It may seem that they generally snob, they love having a good time.
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